1. Lila

    An urgent dream

    The booklet in which I write down dreams has been misplaced for a while now. This dream seemed urgent to write down. I've had relatively few dreams or 'visuals' (waking dreams some may call these) for a while now. Perhaps this came now as I felt that something important clicked into place in...
  2. Lila

    World's most dangerous (+ beautiful) walk to school

    With a video that shows the trek to boarding school undertaken each year for kids in a remote region of India, this article gives me reason to be very grateful! We are told that the river along which a portion of the path to school travels is normally frozen by the time it is time to travel, but...
  3. Linda

    Not your Grandmother's yurt

    Do you want to vacation in a remote area where there are no hotels? Do you want 5-star accommodations in a luxury tent? Do you have $10,000 to $30,000 for a stay? Check, check, umm no. :(( The company, Black Tomato, says it can go anywhere they can bring the tents. Also, they promise no traces...