1. Pod

    Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be 'scientifically meaningless'

    A new study, published in Psychiatry Research, has concluded that psychiatric diagnoses are scientifically worthless as tools to identify discrete mental health disorders. The study, led by researchers from the University of Liverpool, involved a detailed analysis of five key chapters of the...
  2. transients

    Steps to Heal Trauma submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  3. Lila

    veterans trying light therapy for PTSD

    Below is an article about using light therapy, in the form of LEDs, to treat veterans with PTSD. It is part of an ongoing effort at the Veteran's Administration (VA) system of hospitals to deal with a large influx of patients who have a multitude of disabling symptoms after trauma. (typically...
  4. Lila

    Is sending your child to play football child abuse?

    Bennet Omalu was born as his Biafran refugee camp was being bombed and his father left for dead. His father survived that day and named his son Benoit, meaning "blessed by God". His African name, Onyemalukwube, manes "If you know, come forth and speak" He is a man who has lived through...
  5. transients

    My Many Selves: How I Learned To Live With Multiple Personalities submitted a new article. My Many Selves: How I Learned To Live With Multiple Personalities By Emma Young via mosaic (June 13, 2017) Until she was 40 years old, Melanie Goodwin had no memory of her life before the age of 16. Then, a family tragedy triggered a cataclysmic...
  6. K

    Working on developing a new integrative healing therapy both for counselors and for self help

    Hello my friends, I want to share with you an integrative therapy that I am developing based on healing work that for years I have been doing for myself, with the assistance of my own higher self, my twin flame, my two close soulmates in spirit form, also the beautiful company of my friends...