1. Henda

    The Flying Bald Eagle and The Soul's Travel: An Amazing Experience

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  2. John Helios

    Toltec, Nagualism and the Confusion about Lineages

    Carlos Castaneda, the Toltec and “New Age” of Awareness I think many of us know fairly well (some through David Icke’s books) of how the darkness grew and evolved for thousands of years in Europe, Australia and in modern America. But what of pre-Columbian America before the Aztec, Maya, and...
  3. John Helios

    Toltec: The Eagle and the Old Paradigm of Perception

    The Eagle One of the major concepts in the Toltec system of awareness is the Eagle. In my experience mostly as a young Toltec warrior, I saw the Eagle several times. Once seen in a dream in the early 1980s that was shared with a dear friend / artist / shaman Donald Voss, when we were young...
  4. John Helios

    Recapitulate to Recapture Lost Energy

    John Helios submitted a new article. Recapitulate to Recapture Lost Energy Via Helios Journal (8 January 2017) Recapitulation: Not Merely “Remembering” In one of my recent social media postings about the concept of “Recapitulation”, more than one person recently told me...