1. therium

    Cause of sudden temporary amnesia?

    About 8 or so years ago (about 2010) I was driving home from work on a winter day. I went the route I have gone 1000s of times. Suddenly I didn't know who I was or how to get home. I couldn't even think of my own name! I felt real dizzy for about 20 seconds, my body buzzed for about 1 minute...
  2. Linda

    Avocados - More good reasons to add them to your diet

    Those of us who are a bit older may recall the ads featuring Angie Dickinson telling us to eat avocados, and who could argue with her. Years later, we have even more reasons to make them a frequent part of our diets. BTW, I will share my neighbor's excellent recipe for guacamole. Chop the...