1. David Topi

    Article How the communication system between Higher Selves works

    Throughout all these months and articles, on more than one occasion we have mentioned that the information we are publishing is “consensual” from all the Higher Selves that have an active incarnation on the planet, which has received the approval of the different “planetary” forces and that...
  2. Laron

    Before and after photos from adopting a dog

    Source, and a few more:
  3. Lorna Wilson

    Consciousness and Creation Are Mapped Out Into Stories

    In this recent interview, I share some to the things that apply to all of us that I've learned or realized as a QHHT practitioner. LOL because the camera was too low I do look 'busty and blind.'
  4. Laron

    Our Consciousness, A Torus Field With Emotions

    My friend Bilal posts some interesting intuitive messages on Facebook, and here is yet another one. He sometimes writes them in English, but most of the time I have to use the built in Facebook English translator option, which is what I've done below. At the choice of body before incarnation...
  5. Lorna Wilson

    Astral Projection for Everyday Living

    Todd is a friend and teacher and he never ceases to amaze me with his insights and information on how your astral projection practice is connected to every area of your life... This video presentation from one of his workshops and is very original in content as it focuses on our daily lives IN...
  6. John Helios

    Soul Entrapment Technology

    Info I obtained through dream/vision about one of the entrapment technologies the darks have used through the ages: Jimi Hendrix & The Soul-Coffin Entrapment
  7. Angela


    I just want to open discussion on something that I actually have a very difficult time with. Our inherent lovability. I hope to hear your thoughts a little deeper than just, we are part of One and consciousness is love, therefore we are. Because it's not really hitting home for me. I've been...
  8. K

    Deep Soul Retrieval

    KarlaSM submitted a new article. Deep Soul Retrieval When we think to ourselves that we have done enough healing work over the years, we find ourselves wrestling in a dose of discomfort once a trigger presents itself to us. We might have recovered certain troubling memories of our past that we...
  9. Kontufuto

    Consciousness of the Soul

    2017 was an awesome year for me! While earlier years were rich with spiritual growth I can say I’ve pushed the boundaries of my awareness even further than I thought imaginable. And it isn’t a solo event by any means. There have been several others involved in my growth and I am thankful and...
  10. Kontufuto

    Senses of the Soul

    I find tremendous happiness and satisfaction that each of us are blessed and capable of so much more than the earthly senses we possess. Challenged or not by circumstances the center of being perceives what it can though dogged by various predicaments. I will use my own awareness and its...
  11. Lorna Wilson

    Promoted QHHT: Quantum Healing & Your Subconscious Library

    I've just put this together and thought it might be helpful in understanding what happens in quantum healing. We have yet to determine the incredibly convoluted ways in which the mind and consciousness operate to express ‘reality.’ As we journey inwards we meet up with past, future, parallel...
  12. Pod

    Hands up if you feel you are really shifting!

    It has been a helluva week Godlings.........Schrödinger's Other Cat has listed a series of energy readings which mean nothing to my head but everything to my heart <3<3O.o:D I have known since Wednesday that something profound had shifted in me but could not put my finger on it till this...
  13. Brian

    Free Will

    A bit of a broad topic here, but what are your thoughts concerning free will? :p My thoughts or at least some of them would be that each and every one of us on here contains free will. You are expressing said will as you read these words. As souls it is a given as we left Source, thus the...
  14. Laron

    Ray Kurzweil Answers The Question, "Do You Believe In God?"

    laron submitted a new article. Ray Kurzweil Answers The Question, "Do You Believe In God?" Do you believe in God? This is the question that computer scientist, American author, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil answers in this short clip below. What I feel is that there is an...
  15. Lorna Wilson

    Michael Newton on Past Life Regression

    Michael Newton is a pioneer of researching our lives between lives, soul group connections with higher teacher souls and much more about the afterlife states of being. He has very few youtube videos available. In this one he discuses '... his work using hypnosis for past life regression and...
  16. Kristy

    Info Devic Crystals

    (Above images by myself and are two of my Devic Temple Crystals) I am creating this thread because I have been lead to do so by higher self. The more I researched each crystal the more I understood why it was meant for me to pass along this information. I am not writing full descriptions of...
  17. Lorna Wilson

    Questions for the higher self/ higher conscious mind, or soul

    Two of the most popular questions that people have about themselves are 'who am I', and 'what is my purpose'. If you could ask the higher self/ higher conscious mind, or soul, some questions, what would they be besides those obvious two that are mentioned above?
  18. Laron

    The Absolute Best Music For Anxiety, Meditation & Focus… From Video Games!

    By Elina St-Onge via Collective Evolution (17 August 2016) • Do you ever get tired of tacky, cheesy, or overly fluffy/ new agey meditation music? • Do you wish you could find the perfect ambient background music to help you focus on your studying or writing, yet find nothing but tacky piano...
  19. Pod

    What energies have you chosen to experience in this lifetime?

    A couple of years a go, I was renting a room in the home of an acquaintance. She was a hoarder of magnificent proportions......and with her consent, I started to clear some of the stuff she had stored in the back kitchen. More than anything I wanted to shift the very thick, stagnant energy...
  20. Laron

    Info The Chakra System

    This information is not only useful for healers, but for everyone, as this is one of the major systems of what controls our day to day life, and experiences, on this planet. What we attract is directly tied into our energy centers. Through restoring each of our chakras to a healthier state we...