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  1. Brad

    Article We Are All Spiritual Warriors in an Epic Battle Between Light and Dark by Brad Austen

    Believe it or not, we all put our hands up to be here at this time on Earth. We were also deemed strong enough to endure duality and all that life on Earth entails; a battle between light and dark. Many people worldwide are feeling angry, frustrated and powerless as the dark ones play out their...
  2. Laron

    Info What happens if we commit suicide from a soul perspective?

    This information below covers the question of suicide in terms of the impact it has on our soul progression. It's a collection from information coming through past life regression client sessions conducted by Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton and me. I had someone contacting me for guidance...
  3. F

    Oneness and Egohood: The Other Side of the Coin

    KarlaSM submitted a new article Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  4. Laron

    Risk & Play — Do You Agree?

    This is of course focused more at the youngsters out there, as this is such a natural process of life whether a parent or guardian is around to suppress such activity or not — it is going to take place anyway. As a parent, or even someone that simply cares another another being, we naturally...
  5. K

    When Outer Guidance Hinders Soul Growth

    KarlaSM submitted a new article. When Outer Guidance Hinders Soul Growth You see the sun rising and wonder what new piece of the puzzle can be found behind your computer monitor, or the screen or your phone. Soon you discover one of your most cherished authors has released a new book, a new...