shift in consciosness

  1. Laron

    The Darkness No Longer Has Control Of You - Kyle Cease

    Kyle Cease says that there is no control over us anymore. Control is done — we are going to see the light shine on everything for the next six weeks. He says it will be hard for people that are not ready for it. "The light is shining everywhere and people are waking up everywhere and when that...
  2. David Topi

    Article How to check all the information in the blog articles - Part I

    Since over the last few months many new readers have joined that possibly found a loose article on Google and have directly subscribed to the community that follows the blog {}, much of the new information that is being published will sound complete fiction, impossible...
  3. Laron

    Galactic Center Brightest Ever

    I used to be quite passionate about this topic. Some of you may remember the articles I wrote on transients about Cloud G2 and the energies relating to the shift in consciousness in connection with the Galactic Center. I used to write a lot about Paul LaViolette’s theories on this, also. An...
  4. therium

    QHHT patient's subconscious explains The Ascension

    From December 2016. A little to get you started. (Suzanne) Renee would like to know what you can share with us about the shift. (Subconscious) Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a big one! She is ready, she doesn’t know but she’s ready. (Suzanne) Can you tell us about the transition? (SC)...
  5. Henda

    June 15-sept 20 Energy Update and Guidance Through The current Waves of Light !

    I came to understand how we can be affected by the different waves of energy that have been crossing Gaia since 2012 and even before on 2006 when big changes began to take us as if we were navigating tempests, floods, huge waters of light and healing from all our past and present traumas. The...
  6. John Helios

    Vision of a Fantastic New Earth

    Folks, That last blast from a few days ago was really powerful! Definitely a timeline shift, and I was able to see what happened to a certain location as that shift ocurred within just a few seconds. Here's the story. - John Helios Vision of a Fantastic New Earth
  7. Henda

    Wave Tree : To The Origins of Life. Aux origines de la vie. 7 November 2018

    Finally releasing this new artwork with its amazing message « You came to the light from an internal wide complex intelligence, and it is stored in you. Remember that! Remembering who you are and from where you came is a long life process. You came from so many worlds, hanged around so many...
  8. Laron

    US Government Data Mining Schools for Profit

    Here is Episode 6, from CRTV, of Michelle Malkin Investigates. It’s titled Student Data Mining: Selling Our Kids' Privacy for Profit. Since it’s around 3 minutes, it seems more of a preview for the episode, however the information on the Facebook post is lacking so I can’t say for sure and...