self awareness

  1. Henda

    Out of Body Exploration: A Tool for Inner Guidance and Self Mastery

    Many during their awakening time think that because they are on a spiritual path, they have reached the place where they no more need to evolve. Being on a spiritual path is actually standing on bridges between dimensions and moving forward to explore inner self. This exploration of the self is...
  2. Laron

    Healing yourself will ask for more

    When we go on the journey of true healing, we can expect a range of changes and we need to adjust and make time for such changes. That's a good start above in terms of a list of such items we may need to address.
  3. Laron

    Over, Under or Perhaps you Don't Care?

    As part of the process of spiritual development, it's important to come to understand ourselves, and one of these ways is through personality profiling. I've posted a few things on the forum about that, such as The Keirsey Temperament, Mayan Astrology Readings — Find Your Dreamspell Galactic...