1. Laron

    Durge Kami, 69, The Oldest Kid In Class

    Durge Kami lived too far way from the local school to receive a formal education and was born into a poor family. At age 69 that hasn't stopped him from finishing school. Hiss classmates now affectionately call him Bajee, or 'grandpa' in Nepali, as he's the oldest student. Durge hopes his...
  2. Lila

    World's most dangerous (+ beautiful) walk to school

    With a video that shows the trek to boarding school undertaken each year for kids in a remote region of India, this article gives me reason to be very grateful! We are told that the river along which a portion of the path to school travels is normally frozen by the time it is time to travel, but...
  3. mamapaige

    Awakened School Choices

    We are trying to make education choices for our young children. As a former elementary teacher, the concept of public schooling no longer resonates with me as a recently awakened being. I do not desire to teach public school or have my children educated in this manner. We are currently looking...
  4. Linda

    Some schools starting later

    Although we don't have children at home now, I do recall the difficulties of getting out the door on time with all the stuff, not to mention eating breakfast and brushing teeth. It was not an especially happy start to the day. Bolstered by a mountain of sleep science research that says...
  5. Lila

    Dancing Green Alien art from the local high school

    Thought there might be someone here who would appreciate this free artwork by a local teen <3 (thick pastel on heavy cardboard)