reiki energy

  1. therium

    Personal journey to become a Reiki master

    One person's personal journey to healing by becoming a Reiki master. Anxiety mostly gone, peace attained.
  2. Mike

    how to tell if reiki energy is flowing

    This is a nice little article for people new to reiki or just attuned to level 1 and would like to know how to tell if reiki energy is flowing. there is also a podcast on there I have not been able to listen to but its worth checking out. sometimes after being attuned and people dont feel the...
  3. Rebecca

    Free reiki

    Hi everyone, I came across this reiki article called reiki rules & I was wondering your thoughts on rule number 4. No free Reiki You cannot give free Reiki, unless of course there is some emergency. It may end up accumulating karmic debt for both healer and the client. The circuit is only...
  4. Mike

    different creative ways to remotely send energy healing to people at a distance

    Having taught many people who have learned Reiki or learned healing from other sources, I realize that many either have a misunderstanding as to how distant healing may be accomplished, or they simply are unaware of some very simple methods. While it is not my place to say that their techniques...
  5. Mike

    What kind of experiences have you had with healing?

    This thread is for our experiences to share from while either giving a healing session or just receiving a healing session. I have had some quite remarkable experiences. When I was quite much younger I remember being able to heal but I couldn't actually"feel" the energies. There was a girl I...