1. Laron

    What's Inside a Quartz Geode? Let's Crack it Open!

    I came across this short video/gif of a quartz geode being cracked open. Click here if that does't load. I think it's very educational as many people out there don't realize how crystals can form inside rocks like this. It can be common to think that they grow on the surface, or roof, such...
  2. therium

    Does glass in a quartz crystal shape still work like quartz?

    There are some Asian sellers selling perfectly clear "quartz" crystals very cheap. I suspect they are just cut glass. Will these still work as quartz does because of the shape? Or do I really need real quartz? Would the quartz-shaped glass be useful for anything besides looking nice?
  3. Laron

    A 3.5 Million Dollar Quartz Crystal Cluster

    This is a chunk of quartz discovered in an Arkansas mine valued at US$3.5 million. Pictured is an employee at the Ron Coleman Mine in Jessieville, who worked on a team extracting this over four days. They initially blasted the area until a vein appeared, then hand tools were used to dig out the...
  4. June

    Buying a crystal online

    I’m looking to buy a piece of quartz crystal on line, to have a go at photographing like Omcasey. Does anyone know how to tell if the what is being offered is the genuine article?
  5. Vickie

    Crystal And Crystal Skull Festival

    I'm excited to go to the Crystal and Crystal Skull Festival this weekend in Mount Ida, Arkansas. I've been wanting a quartz crystal skull for a while now. This annual event has crystals from all over the world, music, food and it sounds like fun. I want to find one of these quartz skulls. I...
  6. Vickie

    From My Yard

    I was out raking leaves in my yard this morning and turned over a heavy piece of sandstone and it was covered with quartz crystal points. It weighs about 50 lbs (about 23kg). It's not cleaned yet so it has lots of iron and dirt on it but a few of the points are really big and it has lots of...
  7. Kristy

    Info Devic Crystals

    (Above images by myself and are two of my Devic Temple Crystals) I am creating this thread because I have been lead to do so by higher self. The more I researched each crystal the more I understood why it was meant for me to pass along this information. I am not writing full descriptions of...
  8. Laron

    A few of my crystals

    Here are some of my crystals. This one above is a clear quartz point of mine, sitting within a partly formed cluster. The word, ‘crystal’, comes from the Greek word, ‘krystallos’, which means ice. Clear quartz is said to contain all the colors in the light spectrum and that the atoms grow in...