1. Laron

    Plant Crafts from Cuttings — Grow Your own Plants

    I rarely watch videos as I'm more of a reader, however, this one below I did happen to watch and found it very educational. It's all about cutting pieces from existing plants and growing new ones. Anyone can do it and it's really easy. It's not just plants though, one example is from cutting...
  2. Laron

    Article Largest San Pedro Cactus in New Zealand Cut Down

    Likely the largest San Pedro / huachuma in New Zealand, at seven meters, the 30 year old cactus was recently cleared from a backyard here in Christchurch, New Zealand — the city I live in — because of land development. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I highly recommend this plant...
  3. Laron

    How to Grow Fresh Air with Three Plants

    In this four minute TED talk, researcher Kamal Meattle explains how an arrangement of 3 common houseplants, placed in specific spots inside — whether that's a home or office — can result in measurably cleaner indoor air. Here's the transcript of the video: Some 17 years ago, I became...
  4. Lila

    Plants for Protection webinar; free

    From the Shift network which has come up with loads of good shows, tips and ideas, there is a video by David Crow on Plants for Protection here: Medicinal Plants for Protection with David Crow It features "easy-to-use, practical remedies for healing respiratory challenges, addressing digestive...
  5. Laron

    Growing Plants For Your Furry Felines

    Your furry felines have feelings; imagine growing plants just for them! But which leafy protrusions would provide happiness and benefit your precious pussy’s health? Here’s an article outlining thirteen different species of flora for you to consider growing in a pot in a sunny spot inside where...
  6. Laron

    Hateful & Loving Words Make a Difference

    As part of anti-bullying day on May 4th, Ikea organized an event where they put two plants side by side, each contained within protective glass. A sign indicated that plants have the same senses as us humans do. They instructed people to harass and say hateful things to one plant, and treat the...
  7. Lila

    What's The Sacred Plant? — Healing Secrets Exposed

    Lila submitted a new article. What's The Sacred Plant? — Healing Secrets Exposed This 7 part series discusses "The Sacred Plant" which has been used for many diseases over the course of history. In the series, experts, patients and other advocates discuss the use of this plant for conditions...
  8. Linda

    Articulture - where art and plants meet

    I just learned about a local business that blends plants into art work. You've got to take a minute and look at the website because you will see something new. Monique Capanelli is the creator and driving force behind this business. Frequently featured in magazines and on television for her...
  9. K

    Earth's healing and our connection to the natural kingdoms

    Our connection to Earth and all life forms and roles as caretakers for a new paradigm During the last decades many people have realized their interconnectedness to Earth and all her/his inhabitants but even so, there is still so much to understand about our connection to each sentient being...
  10. Laron

    Plant Based Protein Sources

    The image below is from an article over at here. The image lists sources of plant based protein including the amounts. You can find a larger image here.
  11. Kristy

    Tips Household Air Toxins & The Plants That Clean Them

    (Image was taken by me at my local Garden Center down the street and is where I get most of my indoor plants) Continuing on with indoor plants and all of their benefits, I was reading an article that was composed of 19 house plants that help clean the air. I am going to link that in as I...
  12. Kristy

    Info Plants for Positive Energy

    I find that having house plants is becoming a growing trend these days. When I was a child I remember my mother had many plants in our home and that has stuck with me through adulthood. Now you don't have to have them just in your home to reap the benefits, if you have an office or workspace...
  13. Kristy

    Tips Don't use chemicals; instead try these

    Have you ever wanted to remove those weeds without breaking your back or using harmful chemicals? Many of us love to garden, grow our own food, and just keep a green space to relax. Well that also means weeds. Some people don't mind them but most would rather them not take over. Pulling...