1. Laron

    Controlling your own behavior

    Source: I think one of the most important aspects of being a parent is protecting your child, but the above quote gives us something to think about and discuss; controlling your own behavior could relate to making sure aspects of ego don't control you when reacting and...
  2. Anaeika

    A bit of parenting humour

    Hello Everyone, I decided to share a very honest yet humourous video about parenting. If you are a parent, hopefully you can relate. Mine are very young, so please share your advice if you have been there and have something brilliant to offer. My children have by far been my greatest teachers...
  3. waybeyondfedup

    The majority end of America as we know of and majority of other countries

    26.8.17 Dear Bernie, Brad, Henda, Karla, Laron, Anaeika, Bill, Golmona, Lila, Linda, Lorna, Maryann, Pod, Sinera, Stargazer, rest of both the admins, mods, whomever else this may concerns, everyone both on/ff of here:, I mean got this idea from a book (The End of American Childhood: A History...
  4. G

    7 Happiness Tools we can Give our Children

    "Our second daughter started college last fall. She’s an old soul who’s always strummed to her own beat, so it wasn’t surprising that she’d found high school restrictive and uninspiring, both academically and socially. But, as we’d hoped, college has been a different story. She’s thriving in the...
  5. G

    10 habits to shape a kind, well-adjusted child

    "Parenting is a very complex task. If we’re not careful, we will become too focused on one aspect and let the others fall by the wayside. Many times, I see parents who are intently focused on discipline, and I’m talking about the traditional use of the word here with regard to modifying...
  6. G

    Tips Tentative List of Resources for Parents

    I would like to start a thread in which we can all share our resources for (to be/new) parents. In this list we can include anything from books to articles, podcasts, songs, blogs, mantras and stories. Basically anything that has helped or inspired us in any given situation with our children...
  7. Linda

    Teaching your child to change the world

    A friend often sends me inspirational quotes, and I knew this one was important. In many ways, it reflects how I was raised, and how I raised my daughter. So, I can tell you from experience that it works. “Don’t become preoccupied with your child’s academic ability. But instead, Teach them to...
  8. Pod

    How would you have dealt with this?

    This happened on BBC news today. I find it very funny, especially the panicked actions of the mother. How would you have dealt with this situation.? I hope I would have said "Excuse me for a minute please" and ushered my child from the room and shut the door, then continued with the interview.
  9. Linda

    Baby on the way

    salabim announced on his status that he is to be a father for the first time. He is asking for recommendations for reading material on conscious parenting. Also, with the brain trust here, I figured you all would have many insights to offer, as well.
  10. G

    Ten Habits that infringe on rights of children and how to change them

    This is a great article that touches on some habits we may have taken on without giving it much thought but in reality they impede the rights of our children. As the author rightfully points out, "a fairer world begins in the home". Although some of these things resonate more than others, I...
  11. Linda

    A Tender Blessing

    I read something the other day from a mother. She said that as she said prayers and blessings for her own children, she also said them for the persons that will become their partners later in life. I was floored because I had not thought about it in this way. This is such a tender gift from a...
  12. G

    Researching vaccines: Where do we start

    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? This can be a very challenging question to answer for (new) parents (to be) and researching this polarising topic can be very daunting. This article on where to start when researching vaccines is really helpful to get you on your way...