1. Maryann

    Honor Yourself, and Let Your Heart Awaken | Pleiadian Tarot, Jan. 31

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  2. Maryann

    Mastery of Emotion Means Releasing the Pain | Pleiadian Tarot, Jan. 24

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  3. Lila

    veterans trying light therapy for PTSD

    Below is an article about using light therapy, in the form of LEDs, to treat veterans with PTSD. It is part of an ongoing effort at the Veteran's Administration (VA) system of hospitals to deal with a large influx of patients who have a multitude of disabling symptoms after trauma. (typically...
  4. Laron

    Eclipses & Full Moons Triggering Health Issues

    As I age this situation becomes more easily noticeable; when a strong eclipse, and sometimes full moon, occurs, an old injury activates, or a new one manifests roughly a 5-7 days before, but with such intensity. Have you noticed something like this in your life? On the 21st of August, five...
  5. Bev Goodman

    Seeing Through The Four Walls

    Bev Goodman submitted a new article. Seeing Through The Four Walls The pain of losing someone can be indescribable. It has the gift of reaching a depth within — one has no idea it even exists. It can leave us numb, void and in shock; as if someone has cut our umbilical cord to...
  6. ElleCee

    CBD and Fibromyalgia

    Is anyone else using CBD Medical Marijuana for Fibromyalgia pain, or any other medical condition? Have you noticed an increased spiritual awareness of both earthly and otherworldly phenomenon? I definitely have. I vape CBD oil and use edibles occasionally. It has expanded my spirit.