out of body expereinces

  1. Laron

    Tom Campbell's Wikipedia Page Deletion

    I recently noticed that Tom Campbell's Wikipedia entry had been deleted. The reason is similar to why Dolores Cannon doesn't have a Wikipedia page, that being that their published books are self published. I did some research to see why Tom's page was removed and found this below over on...
  2. Henda

    Hanging in Parallel Worlds

    Hanging in Parallel Worlds We are surrounded by many parallel worlds and realms with amazing people from there too. Those worlds are now colliding and became more accessible than ever before. How can this be ? And why ? It is not that they were hidden to us, it’s because our consciousness...
  3. Henda

    Article Jennie, an Encounter of the Fifth Kind

    August 3, 2019 It was one of the most amazing and beautiful lucid out of body experiences I have ever had. It happened on August 3, 2019 in the morning. When I do conscious astral projections in the morning, they happen most of the time. But I need to do it early in between 6 and 8-9 am. How...
  4. Henda

    How to Do an Astral projection Safely ?

    https://www.luciddreamsociety.com/astral-projection-guides/ This article explains clearly how to have a lucid astral projection ! There are also many articles around lucid dreaming and how to learn to astral project from a lucid dreaming state.
  5. Henda

    Out of Body Exploration: A Tool for Inner Guidance and Self Mastery

    Many during their awakening time think that because they are on a spiritual path, they have reached the place where they no more need to evolve. Being on a spiritual path is actually standing on bridges between dimensions and moving forward to explore inner self. This exploration of the self is...
  6. Henda

    An Astral Projection Early This Morning January 18, 2019, Few Tips

    I woke up very early this morning I guess it should have been around 4/5 am and I started my meditation and cleansing session. I felt a deep warm energy in all my bodies and I was sweating hard at the end of this. It took me sometime to settle down and let the healing do whatever it had to do...
  7. Henda

    The ARCH

    The Arch. From the Intergalactic Council of ONE, released today June 10 for June 13, 2018. I did a leap of time while writing the date. I saw this place during an astral travel few days ago and I was in a spaceship with light beings. My third eye was wide open and I crossed this space. I have...
  8. Kontufuto

    Tools of the Soul

    I’ve been giving this some thought lately after starting the thread on Senses of the Soul. It is not a compilation of what tools the soul uses. It does however include an example what I have used in an extreme situation. I share this with you not to satiate my own accomplishments but to help...
  9. Henda

    A Vision of an Upcoming World war

    The Out of Body Experience August 14, 2017 I was projected in a world where people were running everywhere. I was seeing them being shot by weapons that looked like laser weapons. They were making like thunder lightenings. When these touched the people who were running they were transformed to...
  10. Laron

    Tom Campbell's May Fireside Chat | Reality & Consciousness

    laron submitted a new article. Tom Campbell's May Fireside Chat | Reality & Consciousness Here’s the 33rd Fireside Chat with physicist, out of body explorer and author Tom Campbell. These talks involve people following Tom’s work, that being his My Big TOE (theory of everything) trilogy and...