1. Laron

    Leaving the Physical: My short course on how to get out of body

    This year I’ve been putting together a self-paced 12 week out of body course as part of a series of four courses planned, which will be hosted on my site, http://www.consciousness.life “Leaving the Physical” is about 70% complete. I’m hoping to have it ready by the end of the year. It will be...
  2. Laron

    Out of Body: Share the last experience you remember!

    Whether it was a conscious out of body trip, or perhaps you felt it was real, but it simply slipped into a dream becoming memory upon waking — feel free to discuss what you remember. If you do not have one, you could just share the last dream you recall.
  3. Sean

    What Causes An Out Of Body Experience To Occur

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  4. Laron

    Info Information & Questions Answered on Out of Body Travel / Astral Projection

    Below are some questions and answers I've picked out of a recent post over on the Monroe Institute website, but I've included a lot of other information from me. Note that I have studied this topic in depth and also successfully consciously projected and had experiences not just in the...
  5. Henda

    An Astral Projection Riding My Red Brown Dragon, October 10, 2018

    Projecting out of my body this morning: I saw a door opening in front of me and walked inside of it. Then I was flying... I crossed a long green winding tunnel, riding a brown dragon as I was seeing his head just below me and near my sight. We were flying so fast and the tunnel was green...
  6. Amanda Faye

    Out of body

    Today I had quite the expereince something that I have never experienced before, but the experience left me feeling humbled. For awhile now Ive dream of a man, he is either a soulmate or a twin, today I was writing and asked to connect to his higher self. When I did I began to write more. But...
  7. Lorna Wilson

    Out of Body Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries this World is NOT What We Think It Is

    Jason Quitt shares some of his insights, and tips from his own multidimensional experiences. This video is an interesting and easy listen... This reality is not what we think it is, the forbidden knowledge is there for all to see if you know how to access it. This information will help you, it...
  8. Sinera

    Astral (Group) Projection: Learn the Doorway Technique

    A forum friend of mine I know for quite a few years with the avatar names Lionheart, Lumaza or Shu-Man in different forums has asked to share/ask this on similar websites and communities. This is about an effective AP method he developed (and still does). He is also a teacher of AP / OBE...
  9. Henda

    An Out of Body Experience January 28-29, 2018

    I felt guided to write this note in memory of my father transition to the spirit world last week on January 30, 2018. What I felt guided to talk about here are the messages I have been receiving and which were pretty enigmatic and hard to understand at first hand. These are the kind of messages...
  10. Lorna Wilson

    How Lucid Dreaming Changed History - Documentary "The Phase"

    The Phase is an interesting documentary. The focus is on the 'phase' stages of exiting our 3D reality into the non-physical worlds. It also posits that what we think of as alien abductions occur during the phase stages of an OBE. as one example of the material covered within this video. Some...
  11. CrystalSong

    Hello from a fairly regular OBE'er

    Hello Everyone, It's exciting to find an active forum with an OBE section and not just an astral travel section where conscious OBE isn't understood. When I was a child I wanted very much to be an astronaut but that was out being a girl and there were so few positions available even for the...
  12. Solnarehyah

    Cloud Cities -An inter-dimensional Space

    I am creating this thread to invite more insights and information on this topic. What I share here is insights from my Astral, OBE and download experiences. It has become sort of 'I just know this' stuff now so a remembering. The first time I heard about it was in Linda's Qhht session and then...
  13. Sinera

    Journal OBE Validations (gathering evidence)

    During my 'earlier' years on several AP/OOBE forums I had noticed that from time to time 'skeptics' or insecure projectors and doubters asked questions as to the 'realness' or 'proof' of AP/OBE etc. While we can discuss what is 'real' and our perception of reality anyway I was more practical in...
  14. Henda

    Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 1)| Out of Body Experiences by Henda

    Henda submitted a new transients.info article. Travelling Through Dimensions (Part 1)| Out of Body Experiences by Henda Out of Body Experiences and the Spiritual Path The out of body experiences are different from one person to another. Our ways or techniques to astral travel and to do...
  15. S

    Switching Bodies!?

    one day my mentor and i are having a normal conversation when she hears an angelic whisper in her ear! as a medium, she is used to this, (and now me, ‘graduating’ from her teachings, im used to similar occurences ) but the message revealed here was no ordinary one! i had secretly felt that my...
  16. Lorna Wilson

    Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimensional Realities

    Jurgen Ziewe is known as The Multidimensional Man and has written a few books that document his exploration in the multi dimensions. The books are from his personal diary of OBE interactions that occurs while his intention was simply to meditate. His journals were not originally meant for...
  17. Lorna Wilson

    William Buhlman: Out-of-Body & Spiritual Exploration

    At 26.22 mins in They begin to discuss the value of having a human body and being on earth. Other NDE's at Robert Monroe have said something similar.
  18. Laron

    New Video from Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute

    I watched the first 30 minutes of this last night (It's two hours). Similar info to Tom's MBT book, but it was good to see him actually present it in person. In this video he touches directly on being out of body and then opens up the floor to questions. As an astral projection teacher, what is...
  19. Linda

    Astral projection - when a friend visits

    I've seen Henda around my house all the way over here in Texas. I've encountered friends and family in the astral, but this one is different. I was awake and not in meditation. The first time, I saw a woman walking down the street and knew it was Henda. I was so surprised that I just stood at...