1. Laron

    The Search for Planet Nine: The Goblin

    While searching for Planet Nine, a hypothetical massive planet beyond Pluto, astronomers have come across a dwarf planet which they’ve named The Goblin. It’s said to be under the gravitational influence of a giant unseen object, providing further evidence of Planet Nine. (Or should we just call...
  2. R

    Ancient Prophecies and Ancient Teachings Decoded

    I would like to thank this forum for allowing me to post my teachings here over the last year. This is likely the last installment to the series and it goes into the common thread that goes across many ancient prophecies. Thank you again, Sheldon
  3. R

    Researcher Uncovers Cyclical Evidence for a Bianry Star in our Solar System & Return Dates

    Many of you have already viewed this teaching before, but this one actually demonstrates of the ancients used Stonehenge and other megalithic structures. It also provides a better timeline on the return date of our binary star and its effects on human consciousness.
  4. R

    Part 2 Secret of Our Dual Suns and of Enlightenment

    This is the second part of the series and it covers how the Yuga Cycles are tied to the procession of the equinoxes and our twin star. It describes how the electric universe effects human consciousness. Mental virtue is rapidly shifting on this planet and now is the time to change our...
  5. Laron

    The Incoming Energies Thread

    I was thinking to my self, where should I create this thread on the Forum? I decided in the end to stick it on the shift in consciousness board, as while there are always going to be incoming energies, especially from the Sun and the astrological influences, the shift and the new earth situation...
  6. Pod

    Remote Viewer Takes a Look at Planet X

    I thought this was a very interesting article by By Dr. Kathy Forti — she's a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God . Anybody got an opinion on this? Love pod "Sometimes you get a treasure trove of info and sometimes nothing. It...