1. Henda

    William Buhlman's Presentation at the Afterlife Awareness Conference 2015

    "William Buhlman merges ancient death transition practices to modern lifestyle and mindset with his talk at the 2015 Afterlife Conference titled "What You Need to Know Before You Die." William's goal for this talk to empower people to enhance their spiritual evolution before and during the...
  2. Laron

    What happens when we die?

    Laron submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  3. Laron

    Info Information & Questions Answered on Out of Body Travel / Astral Projection

    Below are some questions and answers I've picked out of a recent post over on the Monroe Institute website, but I've included a lot of other information from me. Note that I have studied this topic in depth and also successfully consciously projected and had experiences not just in the...
  4. Lorna Wilson

    Nanci Danison: Revealing Truths from her NDE

    Nanci was a lawyer who experienced an NDE and wrote a few interesting books about what she experienced and saw. She 'demolishes' a number of beliefs that we take for granted as true. In this video she covers a range of topics. You might enjoy listening to this. ' While Nanci Danison was in...
  5. Lila

    Preparing for death... the end of this life

    The only thing I recall always being really clear on regarding dying is that I hope someone has the temerity to laugh at my funeral. I hope there is something of my life that this laughing friend remembers which, in the atmosphere of high emotions present at a funeral, makes them take that leap...
  6. Solnarehyah

    Nenari -The diamond lady of Lemuria

    About a month ago I've bumped into this wonderful soul who is actually a part of my soul family and now my mentor. She is completely integrated with her Lemurian past, speaking fluent Lemurian and connecting others to their lives within. She's experienced 12 NDE's integrating the one of the...
  7. Bernie

    Just An Ordinary, Everyday, Near Death Experience

    Bernie submitted a new transients.info article. Just An Ordinary, Everyday, Near Death Experience In June this year I had a major heart attack, but with the help of a brilliant surgeon and his team, I survived. My memory of the whole experience is very fuzzy, or simply non-existent; however...
  8. Sinera

    Dr Jeffrey Long NDE research (Skeptiko Interview)

    For those of you who don't know the Skeptiko (with two k!) website by Alex Tsakiris, don't be deterred by the name. It is actually a 'open-minded' skeptic podcast / interview show / forum etc. Alex is actually a proponent of all things paranormal and wants to support any paranormal research...
  9. AngelicView

    An Entire Philharmonic Orchestra

    Hello all my Transients peeps! Listen, I've been trying to read and learn all about doing this Forum Moderating stuff (yes, there is a bit of a learning curve!) and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a minute by it. The great thing about being with this group, though, is that all of you are so...
  10. Lorna Wilson

    Suicides from a regression & NDE perspective

    I've found consistently in sessions that there is no judgement from the other side, or the client themselves when they arrive after their death scene about them having committed suicide. What generally happens is that they are suddenly able to see the many choices that were open to them that...
  11. Linda

    Healing Angels

    Attached is a link to an article "Healed by Angels Through Surgeons" on the AngelicView site. This account describes how the young woman witnessed angelic beings working with her and through the surgeons to save her life. I also have witnessed this type of event, although not through a NDE...