1. Laron

    New Moderator: Henda — Astral Projection & Dreams

    Henda is now the moderator of this board, Astral Projection & Dreams. My friend Henda lives in France and is a reconnective energy healer, intuitive, researcher of French linguistics, and holds a PhD in Language Sciences—she speaks Tunisian, French Arabic, English and Italian. Henda has written...
  2. Laron

    New Moderator: Kristy — Gardening, Horticulture & Permaculture

    Kristy is our moderator for this board. She has a degree in horticulture and her background is also in that field. She brings a lot of knowledge to the table in terms of gardens, plants and trees, including the designs and layouts. Kristy also has a lot of experience with crystals and is...
  3. Laron

    New Moderator: Krena — Original Thought

    My friend Krena will soon be coming to join us to moderate this board. It will have a new name, but still cover the original purpose that I had envisaged for it. Krena is a former creative writing teacher at Harvard University in the U.S.. She is into photography and jewelry making. It will be...