1. S

    The quest for truth in a world of infinite perspectives

    I found myself experiencing a huge range of emotions and perspectives regarding the recent Iran events. I sought out news sources that I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to and avoided sources that I normally trust. Every day and with every article I read I noticed it was altering the way I viewed the...
  2. Lila

    Dreaming of a Boating Christmas

    I went to bed with a dream of a boat starting up in my head. Most likely I remember it because I also woke up to a boating dream... The falling asleep dream featured a large boat on a dark night with a bit of crescent moon (like now) to guide the boat. Very dark all around though... more the...
  3. Linda

    Time for the Perseids show again

    This weekend is the peak time for the Perseids meteor shower. The prime viewing times are between midnight and dawn, but you can see some zooming by earlier in the evening. This show got its name because the meteors seem to be coming from the Perseus constellation, but actually we are passing...