1. Laron

    CDC Admits No Sequence of CORONA Virus With PCR Test Approval

    Lawyer Sue Grey just posted this on =AZWskrA_euJdSg37kzZFz5KyIepv0s3l3HUW9I4kcyQTqUcmTAmcIgmoFFNVsuhgjnmkXSmC2tVriL8Z3fJCQcDxyEw58D2lQRetyBTYdu3kLjAfvRmBcnk0Atv9aLWluM4&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R']her Facebook timeline, "CDC admission it didn't have the sequence of C virus when the PCR test was developed...
  2. Laron

    Instagram‘s New Terms of Service is Not Sketchy at All

    I deleted my Instagram account about a month ago. That was before I heard about these new terms of service... intuition? hah "Instagram‘s new terms of service are not sketchy at all! The terms of use that came out December 20, 2020 involve many invasions of privacy. All of which are necessary...
  3. Snowmelt

    Incipient Telepathy

    A new skill is burgeoning: telepathy. It is strengthening, growing, building as a skill. It is incipient. It should be available to all of us. It has been in the past, and will be again. What has stopped it throughout all these cycles of time (and especially, in these last patriarchal years) is...