1. Laron

    The Testimonies Project (Israel)

    Avital, a mother of two, decided to make a 1-hour film of the testimonies of those harmed by the Pfizer vaccine or relatives of them, noting that no-one else such as journalists were picking up their stories or publishing any kind of data. Then, she says, they started vaccinating the children...
  2. Laron

    Israel People's Committee Adverse Reactions Database Report

    Here's a COVID-19 vaccination report from the Israeli People's Committee showcasing the adverse reactions (including death) so far (up until June 8). Of those reported, 13.9% of people have died, 17.2% have had gynecological issues (including miscarriages), 14% with neurological issues, 8.8%...
  3. Pod

    Facebook satellite lost in SpaceX explosion at Cape Canavera

    So Israel was putting up a satellite to allow Facebook broadband into Africa? Pull the other one!