1. Laron

    Info Copyright Information — Images, Text & Videos

    We have two threads covering copyright which are pinned (stuck to the top) of the board, Help, Announcements, News & Events, which I am going to link to below. When exploring your creativity online, it's important to be educated about how copyright works, not only because most people are...
  2. Laron

    Your December Prose, Poem or Whatever!

    Over on another thread, on the Humor board, Linda posted about a friend with a type of newsletter update for the Christmas period. I had the idea of creating a new thread here for us to share in our own unique creative ways, to portray some of our experiences during December. There are no hard...
  3. Laron

    How do image uploads currently work on the Roundtable?

    I just resolved an issue where images would display across the screen on mobile devices, outside of the width of the current post. Now images, for both desktop and mobile, which have been uploaded and inserted into a post (embedded), will will have a maximum width of 90% of the post. This will...