1. therium

    A cheery song about genocide by vax and
  2. Stargazer

    OK, Weird? Or what?

    So here’s an article about a stray dog who wanders into a bookstore. Interestingly enough he steals a book and walks off with it. The video and story went viral and the title of the book is what has everyone talking...but the last nugget of synchronicity for me was the name of the bookstore...
  3. Pucksterguy

    Silly Memes

    I thought about creating a thread for silly jokes. They can be memes, gags whatever you want it to be...
  4. Anaeika

    A bit of parenting humour

    Hello Everyone, I decided to share a very honest yet humourous video about parenting. If you are a parent, hopefully you can relate. Mine are very young, so please share your advice if you have been there and have something brilliant to offer. My children have by far been my greatest teachers...
  5. Lila

    Finding my Blessing

    There is quite a bit of personal backstory to this one, but suffice it to say that I have had a unicorn 'theme' as well as a whole storyline going on for a while; which makes today's dream really poignant for me. At several points I was crying tears of joy. This was a flash of a dream though...
  6. Lorna Wilson

    Another type of plant 'medicine'

    This just crossed my path and made me smile....and then it really made me think....