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  1. Bill

    Trump wins in landslide, debt bubble collapse-Clif 19Oct2016

    Clif posted a new short YouTube video today (19-Oct-2016) where because of Hillary being missing Trump wins in a landslide but the deepstate tries to prevent his being inaugurated. But because of the post-election confusion in the US other countries start dumping US debt within days of the...
  2. Bill

    The non-debate debate and financial implosion begins - 24 Sept 2016

    Clif posted a 4min video late on 24-Sept-2016 where he addresses that the webbot immediacy data (IM) is showing a "non-debate debate" between Hillary and Trump that is planned for Monday 26-Sept. Either it doesn't happen or it start and ends very quickly. This is the end of Hillary's run for US...
  3. Bill

    Hillary out, Trump Wins - Clif's Wujo 12-Sept-2016

    Here is a brief (7min) YouTube video by Clif (he calls them wujo's) with him commenting on the flurry around Hillary's "medical episode" yesterday. He say's she will be out of the race soon, Dem's "select" a replacement (in other tweets he says not Bernie nor Biden) who is younger. But Trump...