heavy metals

  1. Lila

    Plants for Protection webinar; free

    From the Shift network which has come up with loads of good shows, tips and ideas, there is a video by David Crow on Plants for Protection here: Medicinal Plants for Protection with David Crow It features "easy-to-use, practical remedies for healing respiratory challenges, addressing digestive...
  2. Vickie

    Clean Your Liver!

    Lets face it - we live in a very polluted world. We are exposed to pesticides and heavy metals every single day. Many pollutants collect in our organs so a cleansing can benefit the body. We need to get rid of built up heavy metals because its difficult, and in some cases impossible, for the...
  3. Vickie

    The supplement industry is IN DENIAL about its huge heavy metals problem

    By Mike, The Health Ranger Although most nutritional supplements are very safe, effective and affordable, there is a "fringe wing" of the industry that routinely sells nutritional products that are loaded with toxic heavy metals. Today, I'm going public with details about that huge problem...