healing experiences

  1. Henda

    Video to Astral Project

    An interesting video from the Monroe Institute to train yourself for Out of Body experience Try it !
  2. Henda

    Healing From The Forest in the New Shift, January 7, 2018

    The Event Last night I closed my eyes and saw many stars over me. I was transported to another dimension. I felt myself flying around the stars, being taken away from my bed. Then all was white. It was so white that I could barely see anything. Then I fell in a deep out of body experience...
  3. Henda

    Travelling The Dimensions Through Healing: New Feedbacks

    Opening Portals to Parallel Worlds and Parallel Spectrum of Energy The energy is constantly evolving with people according to their spiritual path and other cultural, metaphysical and scientific backgrounds. We don't heal the same way, everyone has its own process and all my clients don't see...
  4. Mike

    What kind of experiences have you had with healing?

    This thread is for our experiences to share from while either giving a healing session or just receiving a healing session. I have had some quite remarkable experiences. When I was quite much younger I remember being able to heal but I couldn't actually"feel" the energies. There was a girl I...