1. Brad

    Article Violet Light Meditation By Brad Austen

    Many people around the world are feeling frustrated, confused and angry about the lockdowns and the situation on the planet. If you are a light worker or simply want to help in some way during these times, then this meditation may inspire you during your quiet times and meditation. The...
  2. Brad

    Article Free Guided Meditations - by Brad Austen

    If you are new to meditation or enjoy listening to guided meditations, I have a new meditation freebies page on my website. Meditation has many benefits including reduced blood pressure and heart rate, reduced stress and anxiety, a greater sense of peace and connection with your spiritual self...
  3. Sean

    Why Planet Earth Is So Powerful

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  4. John Helios

    Good News about Dragons

    John Helios submitted a new article. Good News about Dragons Via Helios Journal Some Background Yes, this is good news about dragons and something else really good that may arise from this. But first it’s necessary to put into perspective how humans and dragons have interacted over time…...
  5. Linda

    Do we really want to say "Heartbroken"

    Heartbroken - a word I've used over the past few days regarding Hurricane Harvey - a word I've heard from others, including reporters. Just now, I saw it in a headline about the hurricane and something within me snapped. Take a moment to notice and feel your body and spirit when you say that...
  6. Moonseal

    My Experience at Regina Meredith's Workshop June 22-24, 2017

    Hi everybody. I went to Sedona in June and attended a 3 day Regina Meredith workshop. She has just started doing these and the focus is really about sharing her accumulated knowledge and assisting others in finding their own history inside themselves. I found it incredibly valuable and also...
  7. Linda

    Meeting with the pack leader

    When our neighborhood began development about 50 years ago, it was outside the city limits. Some of the land was too rough to develop and was left in its natural state. A few years later, adjacent land was turned into a preserve. With the network of wooded areas and creeks, some of our...
  8. Linda

    Tuesday's Tune-up

    In my meditation today, I had a couple of interesting experiences. First, I was checking in with family and friends, dropping off my love lights. When I got to one with whom I recently reconnected, I saw battlements and a gate that looked like they came from Game of Thrones. I took that as a...
  9. Stargazer

    Pamela Kribbe Channels Earth

    This channeling popped up on my reader today and I thought it was a beautifully shared piece--one that encourages us to connect with the soul of our Mother Earth, remember our own Divinity, and rise again beyond the duality of our so-called "human" limitations. I especially appreciated the...