flat earth

  1. David Topi

    Article Erasing Paradigms and Obsolete Belief Systems of the Mind

    The constitution of the energetic structure of the human being and his psyche were built "in phases," so, little by little, each new genetic experiment was done with the manu and then with the lhulu, and finally with the cross manu-lhulu to give rise to the lhumanu, as the Sumerians called the...
  2. Lorna Wilson

    CERN,NASA, Night,Vision,MoonTech,Flat Earth & more

    This guest has made inventions that were used in some top government projects. A very interesting listen.. At almost 90 years young Mr Relder lives in Dallas Texas and holds two different patents, one is the Night Vision Gen 3. A True Tool Maker of magnificent proportions, Edward has seen his...