1. Laron

    Higher Self Message For Light Workers from QHHT Yesterday

    Yesterday I conducted a QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend. There was quite a bit of information relating directly to what’s going on in the world just now. The plandemic; vaccines; reptilian influence/control over our lives; a Life in Lemuria during the last cycle that is very...
  2. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 5)

    Every galaxy that rises in evolutionary level does so in the same way, a strong anchor point in the band "one" of each galaxy where a planet is located that supports all the others, with a race unaware of the process of support that the planet is doing to keep its structure as "heavy" and dense...
  3. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 3)

    The millennia continued to pass, and a large part of all the planetary systems in Eur were either already at a new evolutionary level or on the way to completion, with some planets and solar systems still in their infancy or just beginning change processes. And it is that, to maintain the...
  4. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 1 & 2)

    Today I am going to tell you a story. Like any story, it has elements that are true, and others that only adorn. It has elements that are completely based on events that have happened and others that serve as complement so that the story can have logic, and that serve to introduce concepts into...
  5. Burton Smith

    Article How Can You Become a True Friend to the Earth?

    "The Earth is in trouble.” "The Earth is dying" "The Earth has only 30 years left" Have you ever encountered such statements? Something is going on that will have a large effect on all of us.. But the Earth? The Earth will be just fine. It's been around for billions of year and will be...
  6. Sean

    Why Planet Earth Was Introduced Into Existence

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  7. Sean

    Why Planet Earth Is So Powerful

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  8. transients

    The Art of Earthing The Spirit In Trying Times submitted a new article. The Art of Earthing The Spirit In Trying Times By guest contributor Odette Nightsky via Contemporary Shaman There are occasions when you are not able to escape into nature perhaps because you live in a dense city or a cookie cutter wide spread suburb...
  9. IAMRAvortex Fortitude

    The Fallen Melchizedek and The Fallen Ascended Masters

    Greetings family. There are some groups who were trusted with caring for Humanity and the Earth, but they failed and joined the Annunaki seed. What are your opinions with this? There are entities pretending to be Saint-Germain, also Thoth is fallen and as well as Metatron, because they're...
  10. IAMRAvortex Fortitude

    Repetitive cloudy days, H.A.R.P or energetic shift?

    Greetings family. I've got to share this discussion with you this morning or whatever timezone you go by. It has been cloudy for almost two weeks now, here where I live (Middle-East). Why do you think this is happening now, could it be the cabalistic syndicates or is it "The New Earth"?
  11. Angela

    Seeing with fresh eyes

    For a bit now, I'll catch myself looking at the earth as if i was not from here. Suddenly I'll see the horizon, the sky and clouds, the trees, and see it with fresh eyes. As if i just landed here. The atmosphere so magical that it can create a sunset. The wind blowing just so because of the...
  12. John Helios

    Imminent Change

    John Helios submitted a new article. Imminent Change Via Helios Journal I think we (collectively, us human beings on this planet) have gotten to a point where we are all being prodded to look to our very core, our very foundations, to question who we are and what our purpose is here. I think...
  13. Laron

    'Life' — A collection of poems written by Laron in 2015

    Some of you have already seen these, but others have not. I posted these poems of mine on back in June last year, but felt like sharing them on the Roundtable. Here are a collection of twelve poems which I wrote at various points in time throughout the first half of 2015. While...
  14. Vickie

    Return of the Pleiadians: The Earth Energies Reconciliation

    There was a plan for Earth in the beginning. Humans were to be spiritual beings when we were seeded on Earth. Earth was to be a beautiful place for human and Extraterrestrials to come and share in the bounty of this globe but something, or someone, changed the course of life and brought in very...
  15. Brian


    We all have a place where we belong. A place in which we identify as our "home." Some say it's here on Earth, while others say it's out there in the stars. Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, ect. I know of our common home in Souce. I've always wondered why I had that 'Alien feeling'. At first we feel...
  16. Kristy

    Info Devic Crystals

    (Above images by myself and are two of my Devic Temple Crystals) I am creating this thread because I have been lead to do so by higher self. The more I researched each crystal the more I understood why it was meant for me to pass along this information. I am not writing full descriptions of...
  17. John Helios

    Thanks to Earth (poem)

    Thanks to all...
  18. S

    Special Message from the Dolphins-- Morphing

    This post is from my blog, here to share it with you all :) Its not just for me but for the world we [ dolphins] really want you to share to all the people you can its very impoertant i keep feeling lol. i wasnt initially going to share it but my fb friend Ewalina s enthusiasm and supprt of my...
  19. John Helios

    Dream: Abandoning the 3D Body

    Dream last night: I dreamt that I was standing over my 3D body in a different, more ethereal body body and I was shoving it under some grayish earth. Actually the "earth" was a bunch of small spherical balls a few millimeters in diameter. I had the feeling that these balls were dehydrated...