1. Laron

    Article Global Coastal Event Update 2020

    For all those people that followed the information from the webbot and Clif High, many years ago now, and who may not be keeping up to date with his updates, I’m touching on what the Global Costal Event (GCE) was all about in the end, as it is real and is happening right now. Originally Clif...
  2. Sean

    Dark And Light Energy Are Causing The Expansion And Acceleration Of This Universe

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  3. Laron

    I stepped in some Crap

    Our approach is everything. Being positive doesn’t’ mean we’re oblivious to the negative. The patterns formed by what we think, say, and perhaps do, mold us. This image is hilarious to some, and laughter is important in our lives, but to others they may take offense. Whatever resonates...
  4. transients

    One Simple Step To Influence Your DNA

    transients.info submitted a new article. One Simple Step To Influence Your DNA Via Prevent Disease (June 21, 2017 — Author unknown) One of the things I do most when I discuss metaphysics is explore concepts related to light and darkness and their integration. It's one of my passions. I love...
  5. Stargazer

    Mass Lighting of the Planet: Suzanne Spooner

    This transcript from a QHHT session last month (facilitated by Suzanne Spooner) discloses some encouraging information about our current shifting state. I don't necessarily resonate with the idea that things will "get worse before they get better", but everything else described here seems...
  6. Stargazer

    Magenta Pixie: New Earth and the Return to Eden

    I just listened to the latest audio presentation from Magenta Pixie and was amazed at how strongly I resonated with the material! As the reading went on, I could feel a sustained "buzzing" sensation in the area of my Root Chakra and a profound sense of Peace and Joyfulness...it was strange, but...