1. Laron

    The fear of being taken and source of headaches (QHHT PLR Session Summary)

    I just finished a session with an 11yo boy who, for six years, had a lingering fear of being taken. At night, and other times during the day, he would be afraid someone was coming to kidnap him. This had been the cause of regular anxiety. He also had headaches long term and had seen his doctor...
  2. Hailstones Melt

    Releasing the heaviest burden

    As you are aware, you incorporate things of your day-to-day life into your dream symbology. For me, my little orange car which is my trustworthy companion, is "my vehicle", meaning: my body. In last night's dream, I was driving around in this car. But also, my twin brother got to drive it...
  3. Laron

    Out of Body: Share the last experience you remember!

    Whether it was a conscious out of body trip, or perhaps you felt it was real, but it simply slipped into a dream becoming memory upon waking — feel free to discuss what you remember. If you do not have one, you could just share the last dream you recall.
  4. therium

    Dream of the earth missing about 90% of people

    Over the past 5 years I've had more and more dreams about being in a town or countryside where most of the people are gone, but there's no damage to anything and no dead bodies. Most people were just... gone. Electricity was hard to find as was potable water. While all the people were friendly a...
  5. Anaeika

    Mission dream of cleaning Earth

    Two nights ago, I dreamt I was this mythical winged creature, nothing I’ve seen before. But I instinctually knew my mission was to clean Earth. What made it difficult and slowed me down is that I was also being hunted. I was impaled but also immortal, so this just stopped me for a short while...
  6. Sean

    The Science Behind Dreaming

    Sean submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  7. Laron

    The Atlas Moth: Symbolism to Note

    Known as the largest in the world, the Atlas moth is found in dry rain forests, secondary forests, and shrub lands across South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, including Borneo. Beautiful! Image Source: But just imagine the symbolism here if it one landed on you as you were going about...
  8. Laron

    The Wall of Water & Passing the Lesson

    Here is a dream I had on October 14, 2015, along with my interpretation of it a day later. It may be of benefit for those who have similar dreams that involve a lot of water, and or caves and tunnels, or simply like to learn about the functioning of dream symbology and interpretation, which I...
  9. Amanda Faye

    Out of body

    Today I had quite the expereince something that I have never experienced before, but the experience left me feeling humbled. For awhile now Ive dream of a man, he is either a soulmate or a twin, today I was writing and asked to connect to his higher self. When I did I began to write more. But...
  10. Stargazer

    AWESOME Interview: "Unbiased On The Fence"

    This is a new online station (well, new to me, anyway) where the host interviews a wonderful young lady, Michelle Wolfe, who has had prophetic dreams since she was a teenager. In this interview, they discuss: THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR; Mandela Effect; Visualization; Dreams/Astral Travel...
  11. Stargazer

    Shift-Related Dream

    OK, I didn't initially feel like sharing this as my last dream upon awakening this morning was VERY dark and depressing. After a few hours of "sitting" with things, I feel I've got a MUCH different take on the situation. WARNING: Dream may be a bit "graphic", to be honest. That's one of the...
  12. Toller

    Recurring Dream

    I'd just like to mention a recurring dream that I used to have when I was four years old to see if anyone can throw any light on it. I would be travelling through black space towards a very bright light, as I got closer it would enlarge into a very large circle of of incredibly bright light (a...
  13. Anna

    Create a poem/song out of a dream

    Create a poem/song out of a dream can be a fun and alternative way to express a dream in a dreamjournal or for just using dreams as an inspiration source for writing. Sometimes we might have feelings, thought or visions lying latent which we feel not able to grasp or express. Then, using a dream...
  14. Anaeika

    Energy Flower

    Hello All, Ever since I had my first QHHT session, I have been seeing different images in my dreams and during meditations. They usually look like different mandalas and symbols that too quickly flash by. At a conscious level, I don’t undestand what I am receiving but I intuitively know my...
  15. Laron

    A Black Bird Presents Itself | An Example of Animal Symbolism

    laron submitted a new article. A Black Bird Presents Itself | An Example of Animal Symbolism Animal symbolism is important not just in dreams, but in the waking world. It can help to provide quick guidance and insight into our lives. Only hours ago I awoke, falling into the morning routine...
  16. Pod

    On the edge of forever folks!

    What a couple of weeks this has been soul travellers................. I started dreaming again, but dreams that seemed to test my morals, like helping a woman being beaten by thugs. Finding a purse then spending the money before I real*eyesed it was NOT my purse and the mortification I felt...
  17. Stargazer

    OMG, What A Dream!

    Moderators, please note: I’m placing this post here because it has more to do, I feel, with our current shift of consciousness than it does with dreams or just dream interpretation. OMG, I just had the most beautiful dream! While much of it was quite convoluted in the beginning, it seemed to...
  18. Stargazer

    Nightmares Anyone?

    So last night, I had a series of really violent dreams. This isn't entirely out of the ordinary for me, but last night's were completely out of bounds--involving my shooting a mass murderer several times and surviving some really horrific booby-traps involving explosives and large metal cables...
  19. Linda

    Dream of Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

    This dream seems to dovetail with my previous one about prison, escape, time for something more (here). This group is the music of my youth, and I still enjoy hearing them. They each certainly have rung both sides of the bell many times, but the harmony still is there. In fact, if I think of one...
  20. Linda

    Dream of prison and escape

    I woke up early this morning from this dream. It seems fairly straightforward to me, and does seem to mirror my life. I was in a line of people getting ready to pass through something like a portal when I regained consciousness and protested because I did not want to go there. There were...