1. Lila

    Dogs for diagnosing corona

    Not only are they cute and cuddly but dog's are capable of doing so much more if we pay attention. Here is an article on their ability to sniff out the pandemic with numbers that outdo the current tests we use. Just imagine if streamlined this kind of detection system. It would make so much...
  2. Laron

    Before and after photos from adopting a dog

    Source, and a few more:
  3. Laron

    Why Dogs Live Less Than Human

    Here's a post I found on Facebook but I don't think it was written by the person that posted it and I haven't been able to find the source. It's a great story/message though. "Here's the surprising answer of a 6 year old child. Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old...
  4. Stargazer

    OK, Weird? Or what?

    So here’s an article about a stray dog who wanders into a bookstore. Interestingly enough he steals a book and walks off with it. The video and story went viral and the title of the book is what has everyone talking...but the last nugget of synchronicity for me was the name of the bookstore...
  5. Linda

    Get some motivation from Yoga Dog

    Just like goat yoga, dog yoga, or doga, is a thing. Our dogs have been pretty good at some of the poses. Of course, any time my face is near the floor is an excellent opportunity for licks. The following video is a happy show of the extraordinary talents of an Australian Shepherd.
  6. Laron

    Dogs, Large & Small — Share Your Canine Stories

    Feel free to share any story you like, about a canine, and it could be anything. It may be a friends dog. It could be a dog you met on the street. It might be your dog. I came across this picture I posted on Facebook a while back. That's a Caucasian Shepherd. They're a large breed of dog...
  7. Linda

    Take a page from Mongo's book

    We live on a "walking street" - there's not much traffic, which makes it great for people and dogs. Some neighbors have a basset hound named Mongo (from the movie Blazing Saddles). I know his name because his people always are trying to hush him when he starts speaking. You know how hounds talk...
  8. Linda

    My dog, Pepper, got bigger before my eyes

    Kristy did a distance healing for Pepper, and I saw Pepper get larger. It was her physical body that expanded a little bit - like going from a 60 lb dog to a 75 lb dog. Yesterday, she went with me to my healing appointment. She was monitoring the session - every now and then coming to my head...
  9. Linda

    How to deskunk your dog

    Some of you live in places like NZ where there are no skunks. Yea for you. Now for the rest of us. Skunks are found in cities and in the country - yep, just about everywhere. If you have not had direct experience, then you probably have smelled their calling card - something like scorched garlic...