1. therium

    Meditating with my gold rock

    I have this rock I found at a mine I went to in South Carolina months ago. We really wanted to find amethyst at this mine but we only found some small pieces of various types of quartz. Then I found this brown rock. When I was at the mine something told me to keep it. It was unattractive...
  2. Re-Direct-90

    Soul Protection with Crystallizing Feelings.

    Even you feel your self crystallized, you even got surprised when the feeling comes otherwise. Your feeling system is the satisfaction of protection in the situation of your generation. When you want to feel, you just need to take a deep breath from the heart that throws the bad feelings apart...
  3. Sinera

    Crystal ET Communication (omcasey's experiment replication)

    This is an initial post in the thread to document my attempts at replicating omcasey's crystal ET communication pics (see thread there). I will post first results soon. I have done 450+ pictures (already 2 months ago) and so far sifted through the first 70 or so. I will post a picture of the...
  4. Lila

    Musings on Sacred Space

    I seem to have sacred space on my mind recently. Here is a short poem I just considered. I am sacred space. Sacred space is in my heart, my mind, my belly, and all around me. I live in sacred space. I am sacred space. I have all the sacred space I need. Sacred space and I are one. Sacred...
  5. C

    Large smelt quartz obelisk - it works

    A month ago I ordered a large smelt quartz obelisk. I did not know exactly what the term "smelt" meant so did some research and found that perhaps my new crystal would not work well because of the melting procedure to create crystals using quartz and other materials like silica that turn into...
  6. Laron

    An Amethyst Quartz Crystal (and some history)

    Using the mobile app software Prisma, I tapped one of their filters and the above image came out after I had selected a photo I took last night with my flash on, in the dark, of my favorite amethyst quartz crystal. While I have some larger pieces, this one has remained with me for many years and...
  7. Vickie

    Crystal And Crystal Skull Festival

    I'm excited to go to the Crystal and Crystal Skull Festival this weekend in Mount Ida, Arkansas. I've been wanting a quartz crystal skull for a while now. This annual event has crystals from all over the world, music, food and it sounds like fun. I want to find one of these quartz skulls. I...
  8. Vickie

    From My Yard

    I was out raking leaves in my yard this morning and turned over a heavy piece of sandstone and it was covered with quartz crystal points. It weighs about 50 lbs (about 23kg). It's not cleaned yet so it has lots of iron and dirt on it but a few of the points are really big and it has lots of...
  9. Brian

    Blue Crystal

    Just got my first crystal and I was wondering what do you guys know/think about it? I got it because I felt connected to it. :p