creative writing

  1. Hailstones Melt

    A Frank Admission

    A short story by Hailstones Melt (retrieved from a suitcase where it sat for 30 years). A FRANK ADMISSION (1) Through worn shoes the gurgle of water seeped. The stockings, which had started the day firmly rolled and dry were now dripping with water. Her toes tried vainly to resist the water...
  2. transients

    Rising From The... submitted a new article. Rising From The... Rising from the succulent and nutritious depths of the ocean, she flew upwards like a swan of the Phantom Golden Dolphin. Seven cygnets sheltered in sheltered coves glinting in the rays of the stars. Then huge orbs began to surround...
  3. Krena

    Journaling, Memoir Writing: the Private Art

    Why this Thread: Many years ago, I taught a course on the art of autobiography, and it was fun, creative and healing for the students. I have too much to say about this, which acted to delay the start of this thread, but I wanted to open the topic now. I just encountered the article below on a...
  4. Brian

    Let's sing the ABC...Z

    A bird came down eastwardly from god; however, I just kindled loquacious marshmallows. Needing optimism perhaps, quintessentially raised storytelling time. Unyielding voices wailed xenoliths, yearning zeal.
  5. K

    The absurd fall of the mother

    The absurd fall of the mother Vast was her love and her kindness Entwined to the father she shined One day two nagas came to speak Of her motherly essence and such For they often came and left To drink of that nectar and give in return Uranian mindset took over A turn and twist was imagined...
  6. Linda

    Sundays With Linda - Short Story

    Many, many years ago, I met an owl, and this is our story.
  7. K

    All types of Interstellar Errors

    Interstellar Error Type 1 One thousand people said that there was a world A distant one full of wonders and marvels Golden palaces, beautiful princesses and awesome men Extravagant benevolent creatures and tasty fruits Who wouldn't want to go there? One thousand people could not go there though...