1. Brad

    Article Pre-Covid and Post-Covid Life By Brad Austen

    I’ve been fairly quiet lately, and enjoying some down time. However, I felt inspired to write a new article about the times we are living in. Worldwide, these past few years, we’ve all been impacted in different ways, and many of us have some residual anxiety, depression or trauma. It’s...
  2. therium

    A cheery song about genocide by vax and
  3. Rebekah

    Following the Experts/Covid-19

    There is so much information out there that we are all pretty aware of here on this forum. This video is a fabulous compilation which makes it easy to share with people just now trying to catch up. This covers everything from the science behind the masks & lockdowns to the science of...
  4. Linda

    Principles of Public Health

    The field of public health is different from that of individual health, in that it addresses an entire community - demographics, culture, environment. Medicine is about the treatment of individuals. Much of what has been promulgated as best practices appear to me to be based on individual care...