1. theGalacticTravelChannel

    Conscious Global Contact: ( Communication via Crystals w/ Extraterrestrial Consciousness )

    Hello, hello! It's me, Casey ( previously 'omcasey' ) I decided to begin another thread on this topic as there was a bit of a glitch-up with my old account and being able to get onto the board so Laron helped me delete it and begin anew. I've spent the last year transitioning over to the new...
  2. Sinera

    Contact & Cosmos - Lecture by Dr. Steven Greer

    Just watched this now. Not new for me but it is a good summary of what he found out with his research backed by lots of documents and military/industry insiders, whistleblowers and witnesses. And yet, discernment is needed. I find some of his conclusions and hypotheses quite intriguing. Are all...
  3. AngelicView

    ET Encounter Research

    I wanted to call your attention to this website where they are doing research on Extra-Terrestrial Encounters. I found it very fascinating. I have never had an encounter - but I'm certainly open to the idea of it! The site is called "The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into...