1. therium

    Lots of coffee use can lower neurotransmitters in brain

    From The study: Sorry, full study is paywalled.
  2. Laron

    Emotional Healing and Acknowledging Ego's Control: An Analogy

    You’re holding a cup of coffee when someone bumps into you, causing your hot beverage to spill everywhere. If someone asked you why you spilt the coffee, you may answer with, "Well, because someone bumped into me of course!" Wrong answer. You spilled it because coffee was in the cup; if tea...
  3. Linda

    bext360 - Where Fair Trade Coffee Meets Technology

    I'm sure most of us coffee drinkers look for Fair Trade beans. I love my cold brew Momotombo from the hills of a volcano in Nicaragua. The old format for coffee involved brokers buying up coffee beans from growers for a small price and selling the beans to large companies for a larger price...
  4. Laron

    Creative Baristas

    Post your favorite barista creations!