1. Laron

    Did you have an invisible friend as a child?

    Yesterday I posed the question, "Did you have an invisible friend as a child?" over on my Facebook page. I've embedded the post below, but it doesn't show the poll I created unless you click/drill down into it. So far there's been 27 votes, with 70% of people having had an invisible friend...
  2. waybeyondfedup

    The majority end of America as we know of and majority of other countries

    26.8.17 Dear Bernie, Brad, Henda, Karla, Laron, Anaeika, Bill, Golmona, Lila, Linda, Lorna, Maryann, Pod, Sinera, Stargazer, rest of both the admins, mods, whomever else this may concerns, everyone both on/ff of here:, I mean got this idea from a book (The End of American Childhood: A History...