1. therium

    Something about earth's future turned the corner last night for the better

    I felt great last night for no apparent reason with lots of positive energy getting to me. It felt like something about earth's future turned a corner towards the positive. Something that cannot be stopped. My energies have been really up and down for over a week and I was going to take a week...
  2. Laron

    Hong Kong Protests in August, 2019

    This is a thread for us to share any discussions and information around the protests occurring in Hong Kong at the moment. Richard Enos just posted an article over on Collective Evolution here, that is extremely helpful for us to understand why they occurring, and what is going on with the...
  3. Pod

    Did "The Eye" affect you?

    Here is a link to the information about The Eye So, if I recall correctly, it will return today and only affect those who are awake. Have you been affected at all? My life is spiritually haywire at the moment, partly because I am dealing...