1. Laron

    The Furry Alien

    Thanks to Anna, I came across this furry feline which to me looks like a human for the first half of this video. But then I thought the next day after watching it, that it also reminded me of an ET. This breed of cat, the maine coon, has been a favorite for years now, and if I ever got...
  2. Laron

    Cat Sees His Owner's Video In Phone Who Has Died

    This cat sees his owner, who died a while ago, in the smart phone. Watch its reaction. <3<3 <3
  3. Laron

    Growing Plants For Your Furry Felines

    Your furry felines have feelings; imagine growing plants just for them! But which leafy protrusions would provide happiness and benefit your precious pussy’s health? Here’s an article outlining thirteen different species of flora for you to consider growing in a pot in a sunny spot inside where...
  4. Mike

    CAT Purring and Healing

    This is a link to the site. It is a very small article but very interesting. I always knew cats were healers but I had no idea the scientific community knew this too! Here is a small portion of what it says: Those crazy...