awakening consciousness

  1. Henda

    Article The New Humans and The New Earth: A Vision from an Out of Body Experience

    "What is considered to be the past; and past lives?I sense that the past, present and future are all occurring at once. We don’t have past lives, we are having life experiences. In quantum physics there are limits with energy and there is no such thing as time. It has been presented in such a...
  2. Anaeika

    A friend’s experience

    Tonight I met up with a group of ladies to celebrate my friend’s birthday party—and I did NOT expect this! One of the women shared her experience she had this August. She had insomnia and felt a presence near her bed, so she reached out to touch it and felt a vibration. She got up to turn the...
  3. Laron

    Stranger Things and The OA: Expanding Minds and Consciousness:

    As some of you may already know, I was living in Australia for a long period of time and back in 2014 I moved home to New Zealand. Now I am in the USA and will likely be here long term if the visa I am applying for is approved in about 3-4 months time. I have never had paid TV. In Australia and...