astral planes

  1. Henda

    Crossing the Threshold

    "The Light Body Travelers Society presents “Crossing the Threshold" – (Ancient Astral Projection Secrets Revealed). This special mini lecture reveals highly insightful and advanced wisdom into the ancient practice of astral projection. Dr. Joseph Kenneth explains just how to cross the threshold...
  2. L

    The Trap of the Fourth Dimension

    The fourth dimension is our cosmic “scratch pad” for learning to be co-creators with God. The Universe gave us an entire dimension in which to try out our ability to create. We were given a mind and imagination as tools for the creative process. And that’s not all folks! We were also given a...
  3. Lorna Wilson

    Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact

    'Tom Montalk discusses how non-corporeal discarnate entities pretend to be aliens for purposes of energy harvesting and soul manipulation. He differentiates between real alien abduction and occult entity mimicry.' This is an interesting topic and discussion...
  4. Brian

    Astral Projection Journal

    This shall be a written account of my experiences adventuring out of the normal realm of reality. Learning the process of Astral Projection through my own accord/efforts.
  5. K

    Working consciously and safely in the lower realms of trauma...Part 1

    Some time ago I began working with the aspects of a very close female soulmate in spirit form. In the beginning, while I was interacting with her I would see positive images of beautiful moments that we spent together in physical in past lives. However, while I was stuck in the higher energies...
  6. Lorna Wilson

    Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimensional Realities

    Jurgen Ziewe is known as The Multidimensional Man and has written a few books that document his exploration in the multi dimensions. The books are from his personal diary of OBE interactions that occurs while his intention was simply to meditate. His journals were not originally meant for...