1. S

    E.M. Nicolay, Antarctica, the crane collapse and the stampede in Mecca

    I discovered E.M. Nicolay a few years ago. I haven't read his book but I've listened to all of the interviews at the link below. He has made a number of statements about past events providing some context about what happened and why. For example, he claims that the crane collapse and stampede in...
  2. Laron

    A UFO Crash in Antarctica | Time-cross Remote Viewing Project

    As part of the Time-Cross remote viewing project being run by Farsight, in September four viewers saw the same thing, an area which can be seen with Google earth showing something under the snow that has since been investigated by man — an alien spaceship crash in Antarctica. The above 50...
  3. Bill

    Promoted Secrets Revealed as Govt Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place

    Cliff has posted on his YouTube channel a 3-part interview that he did recently with Sarah Westall. It is a far reaching discussion entitled "Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place." Part One (58 min) includes discussion around crypto currencies and blockchain...
  4. Laron

    Tree Creeper, A 118 Year Old Painting Found in Antarctica

    laron submitted a new article. Tree Creeper, A 118 Year Old Painting Found in Antarctica Josefin Bergmark-Jimene, an Antarctic Heritage Trust conservator, found the artwork labeled "1899 Tree Creeper" in a portfolio sitting on a bed while he was clearing out a hut in September 2016. I thought...
  5. Bill

    Clif High Interview - 15 June 2017

    As some of you may be aware Clif suffered a wrist injury a few weeks back and that has limited his ability to produce both the Webbot report and his newer "Bare Naked" reports regarding crypto-currencies. As a result he has chosen to only do the crytpo reports, at least through the summer, until...
  6. transients

    The Mystery of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Giant Antarctic Snow Cruiser submitted a new article. The Mystery of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Giant Antarctic Snow Cruiser By Ron via UFO Sightings Hotspot (25th of March, 2017) Imagine an enormous 45,000 pound vehicle (length 17.0 meters - width 6.06 meters) with giant tires of 1,900 pounds each (height...
  7. Carl

    Antarctica Back in the News

    Just found this: GLOBAL SHOCK: The Antarctic is turning LUMINOUS GREEN Not sure how related this article is to some of the current discussions in the forum but seems curious:
  8. Laron

    Antarctica Uncovered: Pyramids Pavilions & More | Michael Knight submitted a new article. Antarctica Uncovered: Pyramids Pavilions & More | Michael Knight By Michael Knight, guest contributer for Beneath The BS To those who question today's "news" it is becoming ever more obvious that whatever we're being...
  9. Carl

    Frozen Alien Civilization in Antartica?

    Run into something yesterday: Not sure how credible the information is but keeping an open mind thought that perhaps some of the forum members would like to post their opinions.
  10. Bill

    Special Webbot report - BTC and PM - 13 Jan 2017

    On 13-January Clif released a special Webbot (aka ALTA) which focuses on bitcoin (BTC) and silver and gold. Clif was guided to be release this report ('Riding the Dragon') prior to the weekend as the data is indicating there could be various temporal markers (TMs in Clif-speak) falling this...
  11. Bill

    New Clif vid - 12-Jan-2017

    I'm doing post and will also do a 2nd post shortly thereafter. On 12-January Clif made a video post (~20 min) on his YouTube channel in which he discusses the near results from a special interim Webbot report that he planned to release by 14-January (actual release was 13-Jan). He is making...