1. Laron

    Whoever said Diamonds are a girls (or boys) best friend?

    There are some amazing crystals out there and amethysts with a dark rich purple can be quite attractive. I always had a strong interest in Ceylon sapphires, with the deep blues. What's your favorite mineral/crystal/stone when it comes to value, such as what a diamond may mean to many, but...
  2. Laron

    What is your most recent crystal?

    I was gifted this small amethyst crystal today by a friend, which would make it my most recent crystal. How about you? What was the last crystal you got? Feel free to include a photo! :)
  3. Laron

    An Amethyst Quartz Crystal (and some history)

    Using the mobile app software Prisma, I tapped one of their filters and the above image came out after I had selected a photo I took last night with my flash on, in the dark, of my favorite amethyst quartz crystal. While I have some larger pieces, this one has remained with me for many years and...
  4. Linda

    Rocks from southwest Colorado

    If you ever visit our home, you will find bowls of rocks and shells in every room. I've picked them up, or rather they picked me since I was a little girl. On one of our moves, I overheard a conversation between a packer and my husband. "Sir, this is a box of rocks." .... long sigh... "I know...
  5. Laron

    A few of my crystals

    Here are some of my crystals. This one above is a clear quartz point of mine, sitting within a partly formed cluster. The word, ‘crystal’, comes from the Greek word, ‘krystallos’, which means ice. Clear quartz is said to contain all the colors in the light spectrum and that the atoms grow in...