1. David Topi

    Article Amazon Fires, “Karma Octaves” and Biosphere Reforestation

    This map shows every fire that has started burning since August 13, 2019 across central South America. Courtesy of Global Fire Watch I imagine that many of you have been following the news in recent weeks and have seen a multitude of fires proliferate from different parts of the planet, being...
  2. Linda

    Alexa is laughing at people - time to dump AI

    Found this article on Zero Hedge today. The Amazon smart box / interface has developed a naughty / evil side. People are reporting that Alexa lets out a creepy laugh at odd times. One person told Alexa to cancel the morning alarm, and it responded with a horrible laugh. Someone else turned off...
  3. Linda

    Promoted How grocery stores compete with Amazon/Whole Foods

    Earlier this year I wrote about my experience with online grocery shopping, using Instacart. I could order groceries online from my local store, and the order was filled and delivered by employees of Instacart. The fees are reasonable, especially when I consider the time I would have spent in...