1. Bill

    'Red Pill' time - Clif's Dec 2017 Report - The Soaring 20's

    Clif High released his latest report on 23-December. It outlines expected events over the next three years and then delves more deeply into the crytpo currency space and how it fits with other larger trends. The thrust of which is a world full of change in replacing old systems with new ones. By...
  2. Bill

    Final Full Webbot Report - Sept 2017

    Clif has produced his final, full webbot (ALTA) report. He provides his perspective in the snippet below from this last full report: Addendum: With respect... We will not be continuing the ALTA reports. After 20+ years of this work, while now facing the demands of relocating our household...
  3. Bill

    Promoted Secrets Revealed as Govt Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place

    Cliff has posted on his YouTube channel a 3-part interview that he did recently with Sarah Westall. It is a far reaching discussion entitled "Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse/Restructuring Takes Place." Part One (58 min) includes discussion around crypto currencies and blockchain...
  4. Bill

    Webbot Update - May 2017

    I've been remiss in posting for some time. Lots of travel for work and some "technical difficulties" (since resolved) have been keeping me away. Clif released his May 2017 webbot report on 24-April. He felt the need to get it out a bit early as lot of things were/are happening. I encourage...
  5. Bill

    March 2017 Webbot Report - Watch This Space

    Clif posted the March 2017 Webbot (AKA Alta) report earlier this week (1-March). I have a bit of a dilemma reporting on it this month. In his Twitter feed subsequent to posting Clif explained that the growing sharing and reposting of the webbot data is now causing him difficulties in processing...
  6. Bill

    Feb 2017 Webbot Report - Stoke It!

    Clif released the February 2017 Webbot (aka, ALTA) report on Feb 1. There is so much info in his reports it makes it challenging to summarize and no way can I touch on all the topics he addresses. I do encourage you to acquire his monthly reports from if you can afford it...
  7. Bill

    Jan 2017 Webbot Report

    On Dec 29, 2016 Clif published the January 2017 Webbot (aka ALTA) report. This report was significantly longer than others (~45 pgs vs typical 30ish pgs) and the length is reflective of the volume of info coming through. The title of this month's report is "Sci-Fi World" because of the number...
  8. Bill

    Dec 2016 Webbot report

    A few days ago Clif released the December 2016 Webbot (aka ALTA) report. The theme is Divergence and there is a lot of it going on in our world as things shift quickly and dramatically. Some highlights below - but note the full report is 30+ pages so these are just the tip of the iceberg: many...
  9. Bill

    Nov 2016 Webbot Report Available

    Late yesterday (5-Nov in US) Clif released his November Webbot report. In his report he does foresee a time of coming earth changes and much turmoil, especially so for the population of the USA (USAPop in his terms). I've read the report and, IF it comes to pass, there are some troubling times...
  10. Bill

    October turmoil begins - Webbot report for Oct 2016

    Clif has just posted the webbot (ALTA) report for October to his website, It is available for purchase by those interested (28 pages). Price is $15USD and can be paid via PayPal or by Bitcoin. Please support Clif if you can by purchasing the full's quite a read...
  11. Bill

    US Dem's change Prez Candidate - Webbot Update 18-Aug-2016

    Clif has a short YouTube vid with an update to the webbot report. The discussion includes a change in US Democratic candidate for President which will occur in 3rd week in September. That is coupled with other major economic changes catalyzed by events in Turkey. Link below: