1. Laron

    Grey Alien in an Underwater Base | QHHT Session Summary

    My QHHT (past life regression) client, who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgiam, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), Sjögren’s syndrome, alongside a variety of other health issues — addressed at the end of the session with the help of her higher self — had a very interesting experience I wanted...
  2. Laron

    Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says a Galactic Federation (aliens) Exist (& Trump is aware)

    Considering Courtney Brown's recent call to help from the Federation in this remote viewing event here, this is interesting timing. Multiple main stream media sites are reporting on an interview in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper by the former space security chief in Israel. "A former Israeli...
  3. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 6)

    There is very little left, in "cosmic" terms, for all the Eur systems to complete their evolutionary leap and almost all the races and species, planets and solar systems are already comfortably settled in the next "course," each one with what corresponds to it, which will take us through another...
  4. Laron

    James Gilliland's Talk On Current Events (As You Wish Talk Radio - BOOM)

    James Gilliland talks about a number of current events on "As You Wish Talk Radio" in this one hour YouTube video below, which was uploaded on the weekend. Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee...
  5. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 5)

    Every galaxy that rises in evolutionary level does so in the same way, a strong anchor point in the band "one" of each galaxy where a planet is located that supports all the others, with a race unaware of the process of support that the planet is doing to keep its structure as "heavy" and dense...
  6. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 4)

    As it had happened with the transformation of the troodon into the manu, perhaps, what no race knew, or knew much later, is that Eur, Durán and Umar once again gave the go-ahead for the transformation of the manu into lhulu, and the cross with the manu without having to say anything or give...
  7. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 3)

    The millennia continued to pass, and a large part of all the planetary systems in Eur were either already at a new evolutionary level or on the way to completion, with some planets and solar systems still in their infancy or just beginning change processes. And it is that, to maintain the...
  8. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 1 & 2)

    Today I am going to tell you a story. Like any story, it has elements that are true, and others that only adorn. It has elements that are completely based on events that have happened and others that serve as complement so that the story can have logic, and that serve to introduce concepts into...
  9. David Topi

    Article The "Bee-Like" Race

    Several months ago we made our first more detailed introduction of the main six races that manage the life system on the planet, being Asimoss the "director" of all of them. If you remember, in this article about the first two circles of power we put this: At the second level of this control...
  10. Laron

    Remote Viewing the Nuremberg Celestial Anomaly

    Farsight's latest remote viewing project, as part of their Time-cross series, is a remote view of the ET battle in the skies over Germany, way back in 1561. This is now referred to as the Nuremberg Celestial Anomaly. Celestial phenomenon over the German city of Nuremberg on April 14, 1561, as...
  11. David Topi

    Article New Offensive Against the Amoss and Asimoss Control Centers

    The result of the petition that we put in the previous article has been more or less satisfactory, in the sense that, although there has not been as much participation at the time of executing the petitions as it would have been necessary to be able to start it up full power, if it had been...
  12. Laron

    Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel

    I came across another interesting ET based book. But is it a true story? If so, this is pretty amazing as it's based on memory, not information gathered through the other side by psychic means. Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel "Documents how 12 people...
  13. David Topi

    The "Greys" (Extraterrestrials)

    David Topi submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  14. Laron

    Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race

    Has anyone read the book, Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race 2nd Edition? It was highly recommended to a family member of mine who mentioned it to me. Amazon description: "We are not alone in the Universe — humans play a major role in the chain of universal life. Based on twenty years...
  15. therium

    List of alien races throughout earth time

    Races In this universe, all physical life is humanoid. It has 2 arms, 2 legs, and bilateral symmetry. However this does not explain the aquatic creature that Corey Goode saw. Perhaps it was from another universe. Mantids, or Founders The founders look like larger praying mantises. They are...
  16. Laron

    The Furry Alien

    Thanks to Anna, I came across this furry feline which to me looks like a human for the first half of this video. But then I thought the next day after watching it, that it also reminded me of an ET. This breed of cat, the maine coon, has been a favorite for years now, and if I ever got...
  17. Laron

    What is your personal explanation of what a ET is?

    Just for a moment, put aside what you have heard from another, read, learnt, watched, etc, and use your feelings to answer this one: What is your personal explanation of what an ET is? When you examine the Wikipendia page, the definition for an extraterrestrial is the following...
  18. Lorna Wilson

    If You’ve Met Aliens While on DMT, These Scientists Would Like to Hear From You

    Now, this looks interesting: Some people on DMT say they meet aliens, demons, and even elves. It’s a common enough experience that Johns Hopkins wants to know more. The prestigious medical university at Johns Hopkins wants to know if you’ve ever taken so much dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that...
  19. John Helios

    "Althenian" ET race?

    Does anyone know about the "Althenian" ET race? It was just mentioned in what I saw in vision recently.
  20. Laron

    An Interview With Classified Scientist Emery Smith

    Introduction by Michael Knight, one of our contributing authors on, borrowed from his Northstar Newsletter "Imagine a future - in the near future - in which we have a cure for cancer, zero point energy (no more fossil fuels), friendly interaction with aliens, anti-gravity craft...