1. Pod

    Airl. Interview with an extraterrestrial. And some other stuff that fits in.

    On his latest podcast, Simon Parkes mentioned Airl, an ensouled extra terrestrial who survived the Roswell crash and was captured. Curious, I investigated further and found a youtube interview. Four hours long. The information Airl shared both fascinated me and disturbed me. I would also like...
  2. Laron

    What is your personal explanation of what a ET is?

    Just for a moment, put aside what you have heard from another, read, learnt, watched, etc, and use your feelings to answer this one: What is your personal explanation of what an ET is? When you examine the Wikipendia page, the definition for an extraterrestrial is the following...
  3. John Helios

    "Althenian" ET race?

    Does anyone know about the "Althenian" ET race? It was just mentioned in what I saw in vision recently.
  4. Lorna Wilson

    Are We Locked into an ALIEN Computer Simulation?!

    This is quite a fascinating listen... Imagine stepping through a 'doorway' like the one in Peru, Amaru Meru, to discover another universe in which we on Earth are a scientific experiment.... 'An in-depth look at the bizarre evidence that the universe could be a computer simulation. Some...
  5. Lorna Wilson

    Do you believe that you are a starseed

    Do you believe yourself to be a 'star-seed' and if so why? How does it affect the reality/quality of your existence?
  6. Lorna Wilson

    Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact

    'Tom Montalk discusses how non-corporeal discarnate entities pretend to be aliens for purposes of energy harvesting and soul manipulation. He differentiates between real alien abduction and occult entity mimicry.' This is an interesting topic and discussion...
  7. Linda

    Promoted Ariel Phenomenon - UFO lands at a school in Zimbabwe

    A friend sent a link and thought I might be interested - and what I discovered is fascinating. On September 16, 1994, at the Ariel School that is in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, a space craft landed and two ETs emerged while the children were outside playing. Immediately afterwards, a BBC reporter, Tim...
  8. Vickie

    Mass UFO Sightings A Few Days Ago

    On November 27, 2016 there were UFO sightings in the major cities in Turkey all at one time. There are many videos showing the lights. Twitter had thousands of tweets talking about this mass sighting event. In fact this event was the most talked about event on Twitter that day. Then by the...
  9. Anaeika

    Trickle down disclosure

    Are you seeing evidence of trickle-down disclosure? I sure am; & it is EVERYWHERE! It's in my children's tv shows & magazines. Floogals is a new series for preschoolers where 3 friendly aliens investigate Earth from the inside of a family's home & send their findings back to their home planet...
  10. Lila

    Dancing Green Alien art from the local high school

    Thought there might be someone here who would appreciate this free artwork by a local teen <3 (thick pastel on heavy cardboard)
  11. AngelicView

    ET Encounter Research

    I wanted to call your attention to this website where they are doing research on Extra-Terrestrial Encounters. I found it very fascinating. I have never had an encounter - but I'm certainly open to the idea of it! The site is called "The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into...
  12. Vickie

    UFOs Hit By Lightning?

    On September 8th, 2016 many witnesses observed what they believe was a lightning storm in Corsica, France. During the storm they saw UFOs being struck by lightning bolts and falling. I'm no expert but I've read enough to know and believe that mere lightning wouldn't take down a true ET...
  13. Vickie

    737 Engine Blowout Due to UFOs

    A Southwest Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing recently due to a rare engine blowout. A passenger on board that flight said he saw strange lights from what he believes was a UFO right around the time of the incident. Even stranger was that all the crew and passengers experienced...
  14. John Helios

    Article: "Barack Obama 'will reveal alien and UFO details...'"

    This article was published by, which is part of the official gov't controlled mainstream media. So, this supposedly isn't some hokey report. Be interesting to see what he says...
  15. Brian

    Ever Wake up on the Wrong Side of the... House?

    Ever been abducted? Well most people don't remember such experiences as they usually are stored away deep within our memory banks. I remember a long time ago, a few years back, everything was normal. It was just like every other day, going to bed as usual. Thus, I went to sleep... and then...
  16. John Helios

    Lloyd Pye - "Everything You Know Is Wrong"

    Seminal lecture by Lloyd Pye on our origins and enslavement as a species. Some discussion of "Bigfoot" and Sasquatch, and how the alien design of the human body doesn't make sense nor fits in with the mainstream theories of human evolution.
  17. John Helios

    William Cooper (RIP) & U.F.O. Coverup

    They killed him not long after he did this video.
  18. John Helios

    "Alien Interview" by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

    "Alien Interview" by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy Part 1 of a multi-part video series. (When Part 1, Part 2, etc., finish then look for the next part in chronological order in the suggestions that appear on the page.)
  19. Vickie

    Give Us Your Best Shot

    Here's mine. This was taken a a few years ago in Humble, Texas which is Northeast Houston area. I've got quite a few pictures of this kind of UFO taken over many months. It was often seen in the skies at night.