1. Sean

    The Primary Cause Of Addiction

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  2. Linda

    Univ of Texas study shows smartphone make you less smart

    Linda submitted a new article. University of Texas Study Shows Smartphones Make You Less Smart Photo by Flickr user CAFNR. Most of us know that long exposure to our phones is not a good idea, but this study shows another aspect of our association with these devices. Just having it nearby has...
  3. G

    How to guide youngsters with an addiction problem?

    In my family, there have been many cases of drug addiction, often involving adult men. My little brother, who is in his early twenties grapples with a drug and gambling addiction. When I was his age I certainly experimented a lot with drugs as well. However, I still managed to keep my life...
  4. Vickie

    Facebook Negatively Affects Mood and Well-Being, Studies Reveal

    If you've ever spent any time on Facebook you know how addictive it is. It's like a time suck. You go on to check one thing and an hour later you wonder why you're still looking. It was designed exactly to do what it does. Get you addicted. January 20th, 2017 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing...